42 Grange Close, Linslade £249950.00   includes a building plot for a further 3 bed house
(reduced by £60000.00)                         
Grange CloseGrange Close

  This is a fine 3 bedroom semi-detached home, with planning permission for an additional new 3 bed house. 
  It is situated on a popular residential development ,within walking distance of the railway station.

 A fantastic opportunity to build your own property in a good location within 40 minutes of central London.
 Detailed planning permission has been approved for a new 3 bed property.
Planning permission was allowed
 on appeal,
click here to see the approved planning permission and associated conditions

 An additional benefit about buying such a plot from Crystal Homes is we can also offer advice and experience
 on the both purchasing and financing and the build. 

 We will also consider buying your property in a part exchange,( subject to valuation) thus making the 
 whole process hassle free. 

  For more details please click on the links below.
  Click here to see a copy of the planning drawings. Please note there are 3 pages, You will need to scroll
  down to see all the pages

 If you are interested in the property or would like to discuss any aspect related to the property please
 contact us via the 
contact us page.

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