Do you think your property has development potential?

One of our specialist areas is obtaining planning permission on small, typically garden plots. If you think your property has development potential the only way of being sure would be to submit a formal planning application and even then there may be other factors such as restrictive covenants that could further complicate the development.

Submission of a planning application can be a time consuming and costly exercise. We have considerable experience within the planning field and could be prepared to do this at totally our own risk and cost.

Before embarking on this work we would need to agree on the final outcome, if the planning application is successful. This could take on many forms such as:

a) pre agreed sale price for the plot
b) pre agreed sale price for the house and plot
c) a pre agreed fee if the application is successful
d) an option not included above but tailored to your requirements.

It is also worthwhile noting that the government is considering introducing a “Planning Gain Supplement” in 2008. This could mean that you would have to pay tax of up to 30% of the increased land value. Therefore if you were thinking of releasing any development potential in your land, now might be the time to do it rather than later. If you would like more information on this proposed “Planning Gain Supplement” an internet search will bring up comprehensive information on the subject.

This could be something that you may not consider for many years to come. However if now, or at sometime in the future, you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us.

To see a few examples of sites where we have successfully 
achieved planning permission please click here 

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