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Crystal Homes Ltd, have a proven track record of building properties to a client’s specification. We have taken this work on as either fixed price or a fixed management fee. Although we would be more than happy to provide a fixed price quote, the fixed management fee is a popular choice, as it gives flexibility and no extra cost.

Some but not all of the advantages are as follows:

1) We would produce any additional drawings necessary over and above those provided by the Architects, due to design change or detailing requirements. (Not including any additional drawings necessary due to changes required by the Structural Engineer, who would provide their own drawings).

2) We would produce a preliminary build cost budget, based upon our previous projects.

3) We would produce a build construction programme complete with cash flow forecasts.

4) We would deal with the day-to-day management of the project. We would also include for site insurance. Our method of management, in most cases, would be to split the contract into discreet subcontract packages, and where possible obtain three competitive quotations for each subcontract package. We have our own team of bricklayers, carpenters and groundworkers, all of which work on pricework to ensure that budgets are kept to.

5) We would produce monthly reports listing all invoices and costs to date, and where relevant would be linked to the forecast budget to give a financial progress report. We would not normally enclose actual invoices with the report (due to bulk and copying requirements) but all invoices and quotations can be made available at any stage for your viewing.

6) We would produce a monthly invoice to you listing the costs to date, together with an element of forward funding for work in

7) Fees – As our management fees are fixed all changes and modifications would be passed on at cost. Rarely does a build occur without modifications and quite frequently the builder can profit from these changes. As our management fee is fixed we pass the cost of any changes on at cost.

Please find below some pictures of completed projects:

For further information on our Build Management services please click here for our contact details.

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